(845) 494-2480
The Weather Channel/XMC Productions, Inc.                So You Think You’d Survive?                                  Feb 2014 –Aug 2014
EP: Phil Gurin & Lasta Drachkovitch

Clearance Supervisor
•Sourcing and clearing 3rd party copyrighted user-generated content from the internet, news footage, rights managed material and royalty free assets from stock houses. Managing a department of researchers and coordinators. Tracking license fees and 
clearances through multiple cuts. Coordinating license agreements, appearance releases, payments and master footage orders, 
credits, promo and advertising usages and rights and restrictions on a macro-budget and a condensed schedule for 8, one-hour episodes. Interacting heavily with Executive Producer, Supervising Producer, Post Supervisor, Assistant Editors, and show attorney.

NBC Universal/Brad Lachman Productions                   2013 Paley Center for Media Special:                        June 2013 – Aug 2013
EP: Brad Lachman & Bill Bracken                                   TV’s Funniest of the Funniest

Clearance Coordinator
•Clearing featured star-talent from 50 hit sitcoms, sketch comedies and talk shows for the annual Paley Center Special fundraiser. Clearing for 2 runs, over 2 years, worldwide for broadcast & basic cable, on-demand and mobile, internet streaming media outlets. Dealing with heavy interaction with talent agents, publicists, managers and attorneys coordinating talent releases with very tight deadlines. Working closely with the Paley Center and post production for promo rights, restrictions and credits.

ABC Family/Gurin Co.                                                    Dancing Fools                                                      March 2013 – May 2013
EP: Phil Gurin & Brennan Huntington

Clearance Coordinator
•Sourcing and clearing copyrighted materials and personal releases for over 150 user-generated dance videos from across the world for a worldwide, all media in perpetuity license on a small budget. Negotiating license fees and working closely with show attorneys to solidify appropriate changes in each license agreement and tracking restrictions.

Dick Clark Productions (Syndicated) / First Television   Bloopers                                                                May 2012 – Jan 2013
EP: Mack Anderson & Brett McVicker

Clearance Supervisor
• Supervising 3 clearance coordinators and 8 researchers obtaining and clearing material agreements and personal releases for a 40 -half-hour order of user-generated pranks and home videos for an all media, worldwide, perpetual license on a low budget. Negotiating license fees; tracking costs, rights, restrictions, and credits. Maintaining and providing input of the formation of the clearance spreadsheets to streamline each clearance stage and reporting daily to executive producer. Reviewing fine cuts for clearance issues and blurring needs. Attending show tapings. Preparing reports for network and the deliverables, and executing payments for materials. Working extensively with researchers,

MTV/ Cheri Sundae Productions                                       Pranked                                                              Nov.  2011 - Feb 2012
​EP: Michael Swartz & Cheri Brownlee

Clearance Supervisor
• Supervising 7 producers obtaining material agreements and personal releases for 10 half-hour episodes of filmed pranks for an all media, worldwide, perpetual license on a low budget. Negotiating license fees; tracking costs, rights, restrictions, and progression of clearance stage and reporting daily to executive producer. Reviewing episodes for clearance issues and blurring needs. Executing all payments for materials. Working extensively with show attorney, executive producers, executive in charge of production, editors and producers.

TruTV/ Nash Entertainment
Most Daring, Most Shocking, Top 20, Top 20 Most Shocking, Pilot #1, Pilot #2)                                               Sept. 2009 - Nov. 2011
​EP: Debra Weeks

The Discovery Channel                                                        Moments of Impact                                            Oct. 2008 - June 2009
EP: Tammy Wood                     

Lead Clearance Coordinator
• Responsible for clearing multiple 13 one-hour seasons of ‘caught on tape’ third-party copyrighted material for 20 years, worldwide, and all media obtained from individual shooters, news stations and brokers. Daily reporting of details from our Filemaker Pro database tracking costs, rights, restrictions, credits and courtesy copies. Executing all payments for materials. Working extensively with show attorney, executive producer, executive in charge of production, editors and segment producers.

E! Networks Productions Inc.                                          Sexiest: Season 2                                                 April 2008- Oct. 2008
EP: Dan Riley

Rights & Clearances Coordinator
• Responsible for executing clearance requests, compiling reports, and finalizing license agreements for 9, one-hour library/
clip/still series cleared for 10 years, worldwide, all media. Negotiating third-party copyrighted material vendors. Heavy
concentration on clearing international footage from international television networks, footage houses and magazines.

Food Network/Greystone TV                                            The Secret Life of…                                                     June – Dec 2007
EP: Kerry Lambert

Research/Rights & Clearances Coordinator
• Responsible for researching and acquiring all third-party copyrighted material for 13, half hour library/clip/still series clearing for perpetuity, worldwide, all media. Tracking budgets, acquiring all master material, preparing clearance requests, license agreements, and delivering show binders. Preparing high-resolution stills/graphics for motion control use in online editing.

Country Music Television/Zoo Productions                      Bandits Vs. Smokies                                                 March – May 2007
EP: John Stevens & Barry Poznick

Associate Producer
• Responsible for researching and acquiring footage using stock houses, user generated websites, police departments, news sources and the Internet websites for needed content. Pitching and outlining stories to writers/producers.

E! Networks Productions Inc.                                            Extreme Hollywood                                            Sept. 2006-March 2007
EP: Elisa Rothstein

Rights & Clearances Coordinator
• Responsible for executing clearance requests, compiling reports, and finalizing license agreements for 10, one-hour library/
clip/still series cleared for 10 years, worldwide, all media.

SoapNet/Dalaklis*McKeown Entertainment                         Soapography, Season 1                                             Aug – Dec. 2004
EP: Theresa McKeown & Chuck Dalaklis                               Soapography, Season 2                                             Jan – June 2006

Researcher/Rights & Clearances Coordinator
• Responsible for all third-party copyrighted material acquisitions; consulting with producers on booking talent; assisting in
field shoots; preparing rights & clearances usage reports and material releases; tracking and maintaining acquisition spending.

Sammy Speaks LLC, Independent Documentary                Sammy Speaks                                                       March – Oct. 2005
EP: Burt Boyar, Robert Bloomingdale, Howard Burkons

Materials Coordinator
• Responsible for creating, importing and maintaining database for all in-house as well as third party copyrighted materials;
logging all materials; working directly with writers/producers/director and R&C Supervisor; acquiring necessary materials for production re-creates.

THE MICHAEL BRUNO GROUP, LLC,                                                                                                      April 2003 – August 2004

Executive Assistant/Associate
• Directly accountable for the day to day operations of the office; greeted clients and guests; scheduled appointments; organized and maintained files for 70 actors including updating actor’s resumes and headshots as well as keeping accurate track of all auditions; provided client with all necessary information and material for each audition and read throughs; tracked contracts and commission checks; submitted clients for agent representation; served as a liaison between the media and the actors; set up interviews and special
appearances; screened potential new clients; interacted regularly with actors, clients, agents, publicists, business managers, casting directors and executives on a daily basis.

VIACOM/MTV                                                                     The Inferno Head                                      September – December 2003

Editorial Assistant 
• Supervised entire staff of editorial assistants; updated our databases; reported to post coordinator and supervisor; assisted with various departments as well as logging trade outs and name brands.

FOX                                                                                    The Simple Life                                                      April - August 2003 

Editorial Assistant  
• Organized and logged productions tapes; assisted the story department, editors, post coordinator and post supervisor; reviewed and researched the database for archived material.

NEW LINE CINEMA (Motion Picture)                                    The Real Cancun                                                    March – April 2003

Digital Media Coordinator
• Logged production tapes; searched the database for archived footage; assisted the story department, editors and post coordinator and

AMERICAN BROADCASTING COMPANY (ABC)                    General Hospital                                      September – December 2002
                                                                                            Port Charles
• Coordinated charitable donations; scheduled talent auditions; updated production databases; organized show strips for executive
schedule boards; assisted receptionist; responsible for cast and fan mail; performed guest tours; informed talent of call times; spent
free time observing producers, directors, stage managers, editors, wardrobe, hair and makeup on both shows.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR DOMESTIC TELEVISION (CBS)            The Young and the Restless                                 June – August 2002

• Wrote daily script synopses for the number one daytime drama on the air; assisted Fan Club Director; escorted guests to set; opened
cast mail and obtained talent autographs; coordinated director’s blocking scripts; faxed, copied and delivered daily talent scripts; spent
free time observing producers and directors in booths using multi-camera editing and sweetening.;

AOL TIME WARNER, CNN                                                     Showbiz Today                                           August – December 2000

• Provided script coverage; conducted interviews; researched and archived news video footage; learned about linear videotape editing,
camera, studio and field production.

Ramapo College of New Jersey, Mahwah, New Jersey Bachelor of Arts Degree
Television Production – Communication Arts
Other:  Basic American Sign Language

Proficient with Mac and PC including MS Office Suite, Pilotware, Filemaker Pro, Final Draft, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat.

​**Member of CLEAR, Inc., the Association of Clearance and Research Professionals whose members conduct the content 
research and provide the rights and clearances administration for hundreds of the television programs and feature films created everyday!

**Member of Women in Film, an organizaition who's purpose is to EMPOWER, promote and mentor women in the entertainment and media industries.

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